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Tired of the same old geek blogs? The same old discussions, videos, and articles? Well look no further! The Nerdnest is a new geek blog that’s hoping to fill the void in niche content by promoting the best niche content on the internet! We’ll provide reviews, suggestions, and fresh content to help you find what you want quickly and easily!

What is Thenerdnest?

I’m excited about starting a new geek blog focused on anime, comics, books, sci-fi, fantasy, technology, gaming and of course cool gadgets. I’ve hope to bring together a team of writers who are going to be talking all things that geeks will love. So if you are interested in writing for my nerdy site then send me an email.

Who is the nerd?

I’m your host, Julia. I am a full-time geek, who loves science fiction and fantasy stories in all forms: books, movies, games…you name it. So when I started thinking about how to narrow down my interests into one corner of the internet, I realized that creating a space where fans of geeky things could come together and discuss their favorite topics would be pretty wonderful. And here we are!

What’s in store?

The Nerdnest is a place where we discuss all geek. So sit back, relax and geek out. We’ll have some cool posts for you in a jiffy!

What do you think?

Written by Julia

just testing 123 testing.
Totally should have saved what I written before. Now i don't know what to write.

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